Tales of School Sexism from a 10 year old


Sexism in TV & films

Sexist television and films

Hello everyone, this blog is about sexism in television and films , hope you enjoy!!!

I watch a bit of telly because I am young and what else can we do!!
Now I have started blogging I can see more sexism in everything around me and especially in TV.

Masterchef is the first one, I re-watch them now and again and I see loads of sexist comments mentioned in the program by not the chef hosting (John Torode) but by the taster Gregg Wallace. He just tastes the food and makes sexist comments what use is he! I was watching one the other day and Gregg Wallace went up to one of the men cooking and said “what part of the kitchen is your speciality” and the man said pastry and Gregg said ” what is a man with tattoos doing in a girly part of the kitchen?” I had to stop watching!

I watch Disney films as well and since I saw the film Frozen I can now see in every Disney film the women have always been saved by the Prince Charming and it is saw like that all over the world that women always need to be saved by a man, well I don’t see it like that and I know my mum doesn’t because women are independent and don’t need sexist men to save them thank you very much!!

My favourite program is Doctor Who and that is thanks to my big brother! The downside of DW is that on social media, I see a lot of the time people saying “the companions need to be women and always have to be saved by the doctor” and “they need to be with him all the time and leave every thing else behind.” The only person who didn’t go along that criteria is Elizabeth Sladen, Sarah-Jane Smith as she was known in Doctor Who. She had a job and was really successful in her job as a journalist and is remembered not just for her time with Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker but as well for her own programme the Sarah-Jane Adventures. She was the only companion to go and make a programme on her own. DW would be less sexist if it had more characters like Sarah-Jane Smith! I think DW is sexist in a way many people can’t see, and that makes more of a difference than any other kind of sexism; it’s hidden sexism. If people could make the companions more independent it would be a better show, that’s my opinion!!!

It’s hard to find TV that isn’t sexist – and I’d love your suggestions about what we can do about it!! Should we stop watching TV? Complain to the programme makers? What do you think??!!



Games for girls and games for boys

Hey everyone this is a blog about girls games and boys games.
Hope you like it!!

I got an ipad (added by Mum – it’s MY ipad, missus. You are just allowed to share it when I’m not using it!) a couple of weeks ago and I was going through the games and I searched games and it came up with girls games so I clicked on it have a look. I counted how many girls games there were focused on girls appearance, there were over 200! I was amazed and some of them focused on babies appearance!

The girls games were all about appearances – nail bar, hair salon, make up artists, model design, fashion. Almost always the girls on the front are white and really thin. You hardly ever see girls with black or brown skin or girls who aren’t really slim. The background colour in the games are always pink or purple and they have stars and hearts decorating them.

I also looked at boys games and they had loads more exciting games. The boys games were full of action, you can look after a shark – I play that game, but the App Store thinks it’s only for BOYS!! Boys games had skateboarding, bikes, bmx stuff, stuff that looks cool and isn’t just about making someone look pretty.

I’ve put some screen shots at the bottom of this so you can see what I found.

I think games should be just games – games for kids. They should have a mix of colours and boys should be able to play in a salon and girls should be able to bmx. Games should look like the kids who play them – not everyone is white some people are black some have brown skin some are a mixture. Not all girls have long hair not all boys have short hair. We can look how we want not what a game says we should look like.

All kids should be able to play all games and the games should look like real kids. The world will not end if games are made like this. In fact the world will be much better.

I hope you like it!!




Clothes for girls and clothes for boys!!

Hello everyone this blog is going to be about clothes. What type of clothes should girls were and boys should wear. Here goes.

A couple of weeks ago I went into a shop because I needed some trousers, so at first I went to the girls clothes and I picked up a 12-13 and they wouldn’t go past my thighs. The trousers were cut really slim, it made me feel like I am fat (even though I am really just an average size kid!!). They didn’t look very comfy, they looked really tight and like you couldn’t move in them. Mum took me to boys section and it was a completely different story! I tried on a 9-10 and it was bigger than the girls 12-13 – we held them up against each other to check!!! The boys trousers were stretchy, with an elastic waist and they were much more comfy.

I was horrified to see that girls are made to feel like they have to be thin and boys often aren’t (not when they are kids, at least). Girls see an image in a newspaper such as page 3 and models on TV and in magazines. All the music videos have really thin women in them. Girls I know are obsessed with their weight and in wearing padded bras and looking sexy for their boys.

My favourite colour is blue but I never find any girls clothes that colour. Most people say girls should wear pink and purple and boys should wear all the more exciting colours like neon and blue and orange. All my friends like all the colours boys SHOULD wear but only have pink and purple clothes.

I think that girls and boys should be able to wear what ever colour they want. I think clothes for girls and boys should be comfy, and not tight and uncomfy. In a perfect world, girls and boys would be able to wear whatever they want. If a boy wants to wear a pink tutu, he should be able to and if a girl wants to wear a t-shirt with space ships on, she should be able to!

I don’t care what I look like or if I wear boys clothes, they are more comfortable and roomy. I’m going to carry on wearing what I like and not be bothered what anyone else thinks about what I wear!

I hope you like my blog!!


Sexism in Sport

Hello everyone, today my blog is about sexism in sports, so here it goes!

At school I play football and hockey and I see lots of sexism. A lot of the boys say we’re much better and that’s why you need a boy on the team so we can win. All of us girls say it’s not about the winning it’s the taking part and getting to play matches.

Our girls football team is a very good team, when we play against the boys we often win and the same in hockey. I know a boy who said the women’s football is on when the men aren’t playing and girls can’t play football.

One of my friend plays every single sport in school and she is amazing at them all!

Women’s sport is barely on TV or in the news paper, you sometimes don’t realise there is women who play sport out there. If women’s sport is in the newspaper, it’s about what they are wearing or what they look like, not what they have achieved. No-one comments on what the men look like, just what they have done.

England women’s cricket team won the ashes in 2013.
In 2012 they were runners up in the women’s world twenty20.
In 2009 they won the cricket World Cup and in 2013 they come third in the World Cup.

England women’s football team got to the quarter finals in 2007 and 2011 World Cup.

2012 Great Britain’s women won there first ever world level silver medal at the hockey champions trophy.

England’s women netball won the World Series in 2011.

At the summer Olympics in 2012 these are the women that won a medal:


Helen Glover, rowing
Heather staining, rowing
Katherine granger, rowing
Anna Watkins, rowing
Victoria Pendleton, cycling
Katherine copeland, rowing
Sophie hosking, rowing
Danielle king, cycling
Joanna Roswell, cycling
Laura trot, cycling (2)
Jess Ennis, athletics
Laura bechtolsheimer, equestrian
Charlotte dugardin, equestrian (2)
Nicola Adams, boxing
Jade jones, tae Kwan do

Lizzie armistead, cycling
Mary king, equestrian
Tina Cook, equestrian
Zara Phillips, equestrian
Nicola Wilson, equestrian
Gemma gibbons, judo
Christine ohuruogu, athletics
Victoria Pendleton, cycling
Hannah mills, sailing
Saskia clark, sailing
Samantha Murray, modern pentathlon


Rebecca adlington, swimming (2)
Karina Bryant, judo
Beth tweddle, gymnastics
Laura bechtolsheimer, equestrian
Beth storry, hockey
Chloe Rogers, hockey
Emily McGuire, hockey
Laura Bartlett, hockey
Laura unsworth, hockey
Alex danson, hockey
Christa Cullen, hockey
Georgie twigg, hockey
Anne panter, hockey
Ashleigh ball, hockey
Hannah Macleod, hockey
Sally Walton, hockey
Helen Richardson, hockey
Nicola White, hockey
Kate Walsh, hockey
Sarah Thomas, hockey

Paralympic 2012 women medal winners


Danielle brown, Archery
Josie Pearson, athletics
Hannah Cockcroft, athletics (2)
Sarah story, cycling (4)
Helena Lucius, sailing
Sophie Christiansen, equestrian (3)
Heather frederiksen, swimming
Ellie Simmons, swimming (2)
Natasha baker, equestrian (2)
Jessica-Jane applegate, swimming
Naomi riches, rowing
Pam relph, rowing
Lily van den broecke, rowing
Sophie wells, equestrian


Shelly woods, athletics
Ellie Simmods, swimming
Heather frederiksen, swimming (3)
Clare cashmore, swimming (2)
Stephany millward, swimming (4)
Louise whatkin, swimming (2)
Bethany Woodward, athletics
Charlotte henshaw, swimming
Karen darke, cycling
Mel Clarke, archery
Deborah criddle, equestrian (2)
Sophie wells, equestrian (2)
Hannah Russell, swimming
Libby cleg, athletics
Stef Reid, athletics
Aileen McGlynn, cycling
Helen Scott, cycling
Nyree kindred, swimming


Harriet lee, swimming
Jordannd whiley, wheelchair tennis (2)
Lucy shuker, wheelchair tennis (2)
Jane camble, table tennis
Sara head, table tennis
Rachel Morris, cycling
Susanna Rodgers, swimming (3)
Louise whatkin, swimming (2)
Alexandre rickham, sailing
Niki birrell, sailing
Bevaly jones, athletics
Elizabeth Jonson, swimming
Hannah Russell, swimming (2)
Olivia Breen, athletics
Bethany Woodward, athletics
Katherine hart, athletics
Jenny McLoughlin, athletics
Ellie simmonds, swimming
Stephany millward, swimming
Clare cashmore, swimming
Natalie jones, swimming
Aileen McGlynn, cycling
Helen Scott, cycling
Clare Williams, athletics
Gemma Prescott, athletics
Zoe newson, power lifting

I’d like to see more women’s sport on the tv, in the news and reported in the newspapers. And I’d like to see it concentrate on what they’ve done, not what they look like when they are doing it!!!


Cultural Femincide?! What’s that?

Hello again, today the start of my blog isn’t going to be about sexism in my school but about how I felt when @schoolsexism came off the ground and this blog was given amazing reviews.

Last night I was awoken by mum, who was very excited! I came downstairs and I was given my mums phone and I was in the Huffington Post! I was overwhelmed; I thought that it would only be tweeted out by a few people, not by @caitlinmoran or be in the Huffington Post! I didn’t think it was real!

I am going on to my story now, I hope you feel the same way!

Later on in the year I am going up to secondary school and I went on a visit and I was given a list of books that are recommended to read before I start. I went home and I realised that the proportion  of women on the list was 2 out of ten. It was horrid to see because women are good authors and 51% of the world.  I was disappointed that my school suggested 8 men authors but only 2 women.

Has everyone heard of J.K Rowling? She wrote the Harry Potter series. Her real name is Joanne Rowling, she used her initials because the book wouldnt have sold if they knew she was a woman. Also her main character was a boy but the girl called Hermione was more clever. The boys in the book relied on her for everything and she sorted them out.

I asked my mum about this and she said it was called cultural femicide, I had no idea what it meant! The term was invented by a feminist called Bidisha and you can read more about it here.

Women need to be more visible as main characters in books, as authors and being able to use their real name and knowing that they wouldn’t be discriminated.

Why can’t we all be treated as equals?
How do we sort this out?

[Added by Mum – I am going to contact the school, and will be making suggestions for them, if they are unable to come up with a list that has at least 50% women authors on it!]


Weights and Measures

Hello I am an anonymous writer of the age of 10 and I am writing about sexism in my school, this is one of my many blogs that I am going to do under this title.

This is my first “story” of sexism, so here it goes!

A couple of weeks ago I got a letter home and it said “your child/children are going to be weighed and measured if you do not want your child/children weighed and measured return this slip at the bottom”. So my mum took one look at it and gave me the slip to take back because she said, if she thought that if I was underweight or overweight she would weigh me herself!

A  couple of weeks after that, our teacher announced that it was going to happen today. When it was all over, I went over to my friends and they were all comparing their weights! I was disgusted! They didn’t even know what it meant because they were weighed in Kg’s, so they were comparing things they didn’t know! But then I went over to the boys and they didn’t mention a word about it.

This story was about how girls and women are pitted in competition with each other over anything and I find it appalling. Girls are competing with other girls, and they don’t even know it. The boys get around it. No-one cared about how much they weighed.

Why can’t we all be treated as equals?

How do we sort this out?