Tales of School Sexism from a 10 year old

Sexism in Sport


Hello everyone, today my blog is about sexism in sports, so here it goes!

At school I play football and hockey and I see lots of sexism. A lot of the boys say we’re much better and that’s why you need a boy on the team so we can win. All of us girls say it’s not about the winning it’s the taking part and getting to play matches.

Our girls football team is a very good team, when we play against the boys we often win and the same in hockey. I know a boy who said the women’s football is on when the men aren’t playing and girls can’t play football.

One of my friend plays every single sport in school and she is amazing at them all!

Women’s sport is barely on TV or in the news paper, you sometimes don’t realise there is women who play sport out there. If women’s sport is in the newspaper, it’s about what they are wearing or what they look like, not what they have achieved. No-one comments on what the men look like, just what they have done.

England women’s cricket team won the ashes in 2013.
In 2012 they were runners up in the women’s world twenty20.
In 2009 they won the cricket World Cup and in 2013 they come third in the World Cup.

England women’s football team got to the quarter finals in 2007 and 2011 World Cup.

2012 Great Britain’s women won there first ever world level silver medal at the hockey champions trophy.

England’s women netball won the World Series in 2011.

At the summer Olympics in 2012 these are the women that won a medal:


Helen Glover, rowing
Heather staining, rowing
Katherine granger, rowing
Anna Watkins, rowing
Victoria Pendleton, cycling
Katherine copeland, rowing
Sophie hosking, rowing
Danielle king, cycling
Joanna Roswell, cycling
Laura trot, cycling (2)
Jess Ennis, athletics
Laura bechtolsheimer, equestrian
Charlotte dugardin, equestrian (2)
Nicola Adams, boxing
Jade jones, tae Kwan do

Lizzie armistead, cycling
Mary king, equestrian
Tina Cook, equestrian
Zara Phillips, equestrian
Nicola Wilson, equestrian
Gemma gibbons, judo
Christine ohuruogu, athletics
Victoria Pendleton, cycling
Hannah mills, sailing
Saskia clark, sailing
Samantha Murray, modern pentathlon


Rebecca adlington, swimming (2)
Karina Bryant, judo
Beth tweddle, gymnastics
Laura bechtolsheimer, equestrian
Beth storry, hockey
Chloe Rogers, hockey
Emily McGuire, hockey
Laura Bartlett, hockey
Laura unsworth, hockey
Alex danson, hockey
Christa Cullen, hockey
Georgie twigg, hockey
Anne panter, hockey
Ashleigh ball, hockey
Hannah Macleod, hockey
Sally Walton, hockey
Helen Richardson, hockey
Nicola White, hockey
Kate Walsh, hockey
Sarah Thomas, hockey

Paralympic 2012 women medal winners


Danielle brown, Archery
Josie Pearson, athletics
Hannah Cockcroft, athletics (2)
Sarah story, cycling (4)
Helena Lucius, sailing
Sophie Christiansen, equestrian (3)
Heather frederiksen, swimming
Ellie Simmons, swimming (2)
Natasha baker, equestrian (2)
Jessica-Jane applegate, swimming
Naomi riches, rowing
Pam relph, rowing
Lily van den broecke, rowing
Sophie wells, equestrian


Shelly woods, athletics
Ellie Simmods, swimming
Heather frederiksen, swimming (3)
Clare cashmore, swimming (2)
Stephany millward, swimming (4)
Louise whatkin, swimming (2)
Bethany Woodward, athletics
Charlotte henshaw, swimming
Karen darke, cycling
Mel Clarke, archery
Deborah criddle, equestrian (2)
Sophie wells, equestrian (2)
Hannah Russell, swimming
Libby cleg, athletics
Stef Reid, athletics
Aileen McGlynn, cycling
Helen Scott, cycling
Nyree kindred, swimming


Harriet lee, swimming
Jordannd whiley, wheelchair tennis (2)
Lucy shuker, wheelchair tennis (2)
Jane camble, table tennis
Sara head, table tennis
Rachel Morris, cycling
Susanna Rodgers, swimming (3)
Louise whatkin, swimming (2)
Alexandre rickham, sailing
Niki birrell, sailing
Bevaly jones, athletics
Elizabeth Jonson, swimming
Hannah Russell, swimming (2)
Olivia Breen, athletics
Bethany Woodward, athletics
Katherine hart, athletics
Jenny McLoughlin, athletics
Ellie simmonds, swimming
Stephany millward, swimming
Clare cashmore, swimming
Natalie jones, swimming
Aileen McGlynn, cycling
Helen Scott, cycling
Clare Williams, athletics
Gemma Prescott, athletics
Zoe newson, power lifting

I’d like to see more women’s sport on the tv, in the news and reported in the newspapers. And I’d like to see it concentrate on what they’ve done, not what they look like when they are doing it!!!


6 thoughts on “Sexism in Sport

  1. Good post, you should check out how many of these women aren’t sponsored and therefore all hold down full time jobs, like all the England Womens Football Team contrast that to the number of men who are sponsored and therefore don’t have to work a full time job! There’s sexism in sport/life for you!

  2. Bang on. I rarely watch football on TV (I dare not, every time I do we seem to lose), but like you say, there’s not even the option of watching any women’s football on TV, you’d think some of the niche tv channels would show it as they’ve nothing to lose (I know that sounds bad but hopefully you get what I mean). This year in Formula 1, there will be 1 woman, I think it’s Suzie Wolf who’ll be taking part in a few practice sessions for the Williams team, and that’s a start at least. I don’t know how good she is or not, but (and this is just based on what I’ve seen in F1), I don’t think she’ll get a proper drive next year, but it won’t be long before we do have the first woman driving in an F1 race. But back to the subject, I’m a massive wrestling fan (blame my nana and Big Daddy for that one), but oh my God, the women’s division in the WWE is treated like a joke. Yes, I know it’s all scripted and everything, and the “characters” are all stereotypes, but the women are the worst kind of stereotypes you can imagine, and that’s something the company is deliberately doing instead of pushing them as the proper athletes they are or should be. Makes me wanna swear at the tv sometimes lol.

  3. Reblogged this on Libertarian Lou's Blog and commented:
    V astute post by a teenage girl on sport in schools and sexism.

  4. Although I don’t have a particular interest in sports (I always use the excuse of a cloudy sky to wiggle my way out of it!), I do believe that women are entitled to be represented equally as their male counterparts – Kelly Gallagher just won Britain’s first Winter Paralympics medal, so it has definitely been proven that women can compete just as well as men!

    It is saddening that children are being brought into this massive sexism row because such things needn’t exist in today’s world. Hopefully your blog will highlight the need to change society’s views upon inequality because everybody – regardless of their gender and age – deserves to be treated fairly.

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