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Games for girls and games for boys


Hey everyone this is a blog about girls games and boys games.
Hope you like it!!

I got an ipad (added by Mum – it’s MY ipad, missus. You are just allowed to share it when I’m not using it!) a couple of weeks ago and I was going through the games and I searched games and it came up with girls games so I clicked on it have a look. I counted how many girls games there were focused on girls appearance, there were over 200! I was amazed and some of them focused on babies appearance!

The girls games were all about appearances – nail bar, hair salon, make up artists, model design, fashion. Almost always the girls on the front are white and really thin. You hardly ever see girls with black or brown skin or girls who aren’t really slim. The background colour in the games are always pink or purple and they have stars and hearts decorating them.

I also looked at boys games and they had loads more exciting games. The boys games were full of action, you can look after a shark – I play that game, but the App Store thinks it’s only for BOYS!! Boys games had skateboarding, bikes, bmx stuff, stuff that looks cool and isn’t just about making someone look pretty.

I’ve put some screen shots at the bottom of this so you can see what I found.

I think games should be just games – games for kids. They should have a mix of colours and boys should be able to play in a salon and girls should be able to bmx. Games should look like the kids who play them – not everyone is white some people are black some have brown skin some are a mixture. Not all girls have long hair not all boys have short hair. We can look how we want not what a game says we should look like.

All kids should be able to play all games and the games should look like real kids. The world will not end if games are made like this. In fact the world will be much better.

I hope you like it!!




5 thoughts on “Games for girls and games for boys

  1. Have you seen Jetpack journeys? It’s a space app and my cousin is the voice of some of it. She’s a girl but doesn’t just like the stereotypical girl stuff. She is also in Year 6. Some shops are now changing the way they categorise girls and boys toys to stop the pink and blue divide. Keep blogging. Great punctuation *teacher face*

  2. There is a campaign called “let toys be toys” – ask your mum to check it out with you. I think you and ‘let toys be toys’ would get on well.
    Really interesting post. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great post. I agree that not all girls are interested in pretty pink things. I’m grown up and I like football and extreme sports. But these are all targeted at boys. We shouldn’t catagorise things by “girls” and “boys”.

  4. Agreed. I’m guessing you don’t have a problem with the toys or games themselves, just the categories. I know Tesco were looking at changing their descriptions, and I think Toys R Us (but don’t quote me on that). Rather than say girls or boys toys, they should be something like action, fashion, sports, etc as most of us do fall into those gender divided toys, but I’m guessing mainly because we see that as our only options (sometimes I think we all need telling the obvious for our own good).

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