Tales of School Sexism from a 10 year old

Sexism in TV & films


Sexist television and films

Hello everyone, this blog is about sexism in television and films , hope you enjoy!!!

I watch a bit of telly because I am young and what else can we do!!
Now I have started blogging I can see more sexism in everything around me and especially in TV.

Masterchef is the first one, I re-watch them now and again and I see loads of sexist comments mentioned in the program by not the chef hosting (John Torode) but by the taster Gregg Wallace. He just tastes the food and makes sexist comments what use is he! I was watching one the other day and Gregg Wallace went up to one of the men cooking and said “what part of the kitchen is your speciality” and the man said pastry and Gregg said ” what is a man with tattoos doing in a girly part of the kitchen?” I had to stop watching!

I watch Disney films as well and since I saw the film Frozen I can now see in every Disney film the women have always been saved by the Prince Charming and it is saw like that all over the world that women always need to be saved by a man, well I don’t see it like that and I know my mum doesn’t because women are independent and don’t need sexist men to save them thank you very much!!

My favourite program is Doctor Who and that is thanks to my big brother! The downside of DW is that on social media, I see a lot of the time people saying “the companions need to be women and always have to be saved by the doctor” and “they need to be with him all the time and leave every thing else behind.” The only person who didn’t go along that criteria is Elizabeth Sladen, Sarah-Jane Smith as she was known in Doctor Who. She had a job and was really successful in her job as a journalist and is remembered not just for her time with Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker but as well for her own programme the Sarah-Jane Adventures. She was the only companion to go and make a programme on her own. DW would be less sexist if it had more characters like Sarah-Jane Smith! I think DW is sexist in a way many people can’t see, and that makes more of a difference than any other kind of sexism; it’s hidden sexism. If people could make the companions more independent it would be a better show, that’s my opinion!!!

It’s hard to find TV that isn’t sexist – and I’d love your suggestions about what we can do about it!! Should we stop watching TV? Complain to the programme makers? What do you think??!!


4 thoughts on “Sexism in TV & films

  1. Hello

    I love this post, when I was your age we just accepted all this nonsense – keep up the good work!

    Kind Regards


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  2. Good points – well said.

  3. I’d ignore people like the one on Masterchef, he was being sexist but he was winding up a male contestant, that’s no excuse, but he wasn’t being sexist in his intent if that makes sense (I’m not sure I’ve explained that as good as I’d like).

    Doctor Who is a good example, but I’d watch it from the beginning to see the changes in society over the past 50 years. James Bond film are also a good example of this. Yes, the earlier ones have obvious sexism in them, and in last 2 actors, you see that Bond isn’t so much sexist himself, but acts in a way to protect himself emotionally (he may still be a sexist you know what, but no ones perfect). The women in the Bond films, in some very sexist times, are a mix of the times. The first strong independent woman in the series I can think of is Pussy Galore, and Grace Jones is another from A view to a kill, but unfortunately, it also has the woman that ALWAYS needs saving by Bond, and her screaming every 2 seconds gets really annoying.

    Attitudes take time to change, and it’s not something you’ll recognise changing at the time, it’s something you have to look back in time to do. If you have Netflix (and your mum says it’s ok), watch Life on Mars just to see how far we’ve come since the 70’s, it’s a real eye opener.

  4. Hi! I liked your post.

    There’s an interesting test you can do if you’re watching a film or a programme – it’s called the Bechdel test. It’s a sort of minimum which can tell you if a film is really sexist:

    Do two female characters, who have names, ever talk to each other? And is it about something other than a man?

    So if there are lots of girls but all they talk about is boys, that doesn’t count. Even if there is one strong female character but she only ever talks to men and not to other women, that still doesn’t count.

    I think a good thing to do would be to make sure that other people your own age can spot sexism when it happens. Talk to your friends about it! Girls will probably already find it annoying, but if you can, make sure that boys can see that the way women are treated on TV is not ok, and that it makes stories in films worse for everyone if there aren’t realistic storylines. Maybe it would help boys think about it if you ask them how they feel about being “Prince Charming” too – if you’re only ten it’s quite a lot of pressure to always have to be doing the rescuing!

    Well done for seeing the sexism on your TV, and for thinking about what you can do.

    Elizabeth 🙂

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